Every Nation Asia Campus Conference: Ignite 2013 is a gathering of student leaders from all over the Philippines and Asia. This years’ Ignite was participated by 9,600 students,pastors, and young professionals. It is conducted every other year. Me and my brother attended Ignite 2011 and we were excited for this. Let me share the Ignite […]

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Destined to be mine :)

At last I was able to get my 2013 journal! I was torn between the decision of buying a journal and completing the stamps on my Coffee Bean card. I have to complete all 12 stamps until Jan 6, 2013. As of Jan 4, I have 7 stamps so I’m halfway there. So If I […]

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Faithful God. Yes! He is.

It started last year when I challenge God in the area of my finances. It was December, the month of bonuses and promotions. I ask Him to give me a “Very strong” rating (that would translate to 3.5x of my basic salary) and would also promote me. He did last 2011…and did it again this […]

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     Six months ago, it hit me that I will be jobless on Oct (oh what a birthday present!). My company announced that the department I belong to will be liquidated and tasks will be transitioned to the India branch.        I don’t know but I didn’t feel bothered but somewhere halfway, I felt […]

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