“Anytime you can be like them but they can never be like you anymore. They are the ones lost. You have something that they can no longer have”

Its funny how I heard a conversion on the other side of my office wall. The hot topic? Maricar Reyes and Richard Poon’s wedding. And so, the guy was asking the girl. If you have a partner who has a previous sex scandal, would you still marry him or her? The guy answered his question himself saying “Me, I can’t because it will haunt me for the rest of my life especially for a girl that had it first with some other guy” The girl on the other hand said, “To me it depends, They say Maricar was so lucky with Richard, I think they are both lucky and to think the scandal happened when they were in college. Maricar has improved a lot, she became a good actress after that. And that issue died down” The guy laughed and sarcastically added “And it’s funny that it was their first kiss in the wedding, can’t imagine having a sex scandal then to be kissed for the first time?” The girl agreed.

I respect others’ opinion. We have differing views. It made me realize that only God can change a person. From being a sinner to a renewed one. “..the old is gone is a new has come, In Christ we are new creations”. Only God can change a heart of the person and forget the past and go on. Maricar and Richards story is a miracle itself. Something not everyone can understand and can be misinterpreted.

I’m also guilty of this.

To all the women, being pure is not only in the body but also emotionally. Do not invest in relationships just for fun or to go with the trend. You say, nothing happened between us anyway. Its the memory that I’m saying.The time you spent with them.

For those who tell you that you’re a virgin and you should be ashamed of it. Think about this, “Anytime you can be like them but they can never be like you anymore” They are the ones lost. You have something that they can no longer have.For the guys who asks you to do it before marriage, break up with them. If they can’t honor you now they will also not honor you in the future.

Honoring your partner can be done in many ways. Kissing is so normal nowadays so its not new. To some people or should I say most of them find it weird if you say that you had your first kiss on your wedding. Wrong mentality brought by how the world goes not how God wants it to be. Some find it corny, unusual, weird or whatever. But they can’t bring to say that they were actually amazed. That they were not able to control their feelings like that. That its not ordinary. Aren’t the things unusual in the world are usually the things that we should be doing?


It’s a battle out there but the greater battle is within us (especially when a lot of your friend are doing it and you are the only one standing)
It is also a struggle for me and I admit I can’t do it alone. We need God and the people around us.
We should surround ourselves with Godly people who we can seek for advice and pray for us and more than anything else, its our continuous communication with God that can help us make it through. Its a rough road to be pure in heart body and mind but its a paradise out there at the finish line. Take charge my brothers and sisters. It is hard I know. But the feeling of having endured it, not dissolving with how the world flows but resolving is much more fulfilling.

If you are tempted, don’t. Don’t think that regret has a cure. Be sure to stay pure.

I am not telling it only to you but also to myself as well. Be sure to stay pure.

Let’s do our best and pray for our partner and wait patently and actively. Be sure to stay pure.

Let’s honor God with our mind and body. Be sure to stay pure.

If you still aren’t sure.



Every Nation Asia Campus Conference: Ignite 2013 is a gathering of student leaders from all over the Philippines and Asia.


This years’ Ignite was participated by 9,600 students,pastors, and young professionals. It is conducted every other year. Me and my brother attended Ignite 2011 and we were excited for this. Let me share the Ignite 2013 experience. Seven characters from the Bible will be discussed. How we find them in the campus, like us they encounter hardships and victories. Yeng Constantino, Quest, and Judah Paolo opens Ignite 2013 with powerful declarations — at Cuneta Astrodome Pasay.

Yeng Constantino, Quest, and Judah Paolo opens Ignite 2013 with powerful declarations — at Cuneta Astrodome Pasay. (photo credits: Ignite PH)

Yeng Constantino, Quest, and Judah Paolo opens Ignite 2013 with powerful declarations — at Cuneta Astrodome Pasay. (photo credits: Ignite PH)

DAY 1: Life of Joshua (To listen to the podcast) Image Ignite 2013 quote Olajide Pariola                     One of the takeaways in the conference that I won’t forget is the “Naruto” analogy. Yes, you heard me right! Naruto is in Ignite, haha. So going back, Naruto is a famous manga character who is a young ninja and a powerful nine-tailed fox. He always use his Kage bunshin no jutsu technique which let’s him replicate himself in multiples but he doesn’t know that there is a greater power within him- the cap of nine tails. Just like Naruto, we all have a greater power within us, a greater love that is Jesus. Pastor Jide warned us not to commit the same mistake as Naruto who uses one technique but rather let us fan the flame within us and let it IGNITE our lives and share the flame to others.

Naruto analogy @Ignite 2013: There is a greater power within us

Naruto analogy @Ignite 2013: There is a greater power within us

Another point would be F.O.C.U.S.. We need to set our eyes on Jesus so we will see great wonders happening in our lives.

FOCUS (Concentrate and Consecrate)

FOCUS (Concentrate and Consecrate)

DAY 1 was awesome! I wanted also to thank the gentlemen who offered their seats too us. You guys are truly man of God! 😀 Thank you and God bless. Looking forward for Day 2 & 3! D3 Represent! CLSU Represent!

Me at the IGNITE 2013 photo booth

Me at the IGNITE 2013 photo booth

Me and Desiree (my college junior)

Me and Desiree (my college junior)

IGNITE 2013 Playlist: [youtube

Destined to be mine :)

At last I was able to get my 2013 journal!
cbtl journal_2013

I was torn between the decision of buying a journal and completing the stamps on my Coffee Bean card. I have to complete all 12 stamps until Jan 6, 2013. As of Jan 4, I have 7 stamps so I’m halfway there. So If I have to complete it I will spend at least 600 pesos. So that’s what made me think, buying is a better choice. But when I tried to look on the bookstore, the one’s that I like ranges from 500-700 pesos. Oh! So expensive, I thought. So I gave up on both idea.

Jan 5, the day before the deadline, my mother and I went to Coffee Bean and bought 2 drinks without the intention of competing the stamps I did hand the stamp card though. I was shocked when the cashier handed the card to me. He gave me 4 stamps for 2 drinks! It multiplied! I don’t know if it’s a promo or something. I don’t even had the courage to ask because he might get it back! XD So on the day of the deadline, I bought the last drink and that’s how I get it. I just spent 430 pesos plus I get 3 drinks ~

By the way, that I week asked God to direct me on the right decision and He really did! (prayer is amazing) So to my journal: you’re destined to be mine!


Set The World On Fire lyrics

by Britt Nicole


I wanna set the world on fire
Until it’s burning bright for you
It’s everything that I desire
Can I be the one you use?

I, I am small but
You, you are big enough
I, I am weak but
You, you are strong enough
To take my dreams
Come and give them wings.
Lord with you
There’s nothing I cannot do.
Nothing I cannot do.

I wanna feed the hungry children.
And reach across the Father’s land
And tell the broken there is healing
And mercy in the Father’s hands.

I, I am small but
You, you are big enough
I, I am weak but
You, you are strong enough
To take my dreams
Come and give them wings.
Lord with you
There’s nothing I cannot do

Take my dreams
Come and give them wings.
And Lord with you
There’s nothing I cannot do.

My hands, my feet
My everything
My life, my love
Lord use me.

I wanna set the world on fire
Wanna set the world on fire.

Take my dreams
Come and give them wings.
Lord with you
There’s nothing I cannot do
Oh no.
Take my dreams
Come and give them wings.
Cause Lord with you
There’s nothing I can’t do.
Nothing I can’t do.

I’m gonna set the world on fire.
Set the world on fire.

Set The World On Fire – Britt Nicole Mp3 Download | Music Addict.


This song was used as credits song in the 2011 movie “Soul Surfer

Looking forward for a blessed 2013!!!

Faithful God. Yes! He is.

It started last year when I challenge God in the area of my finances. It was December, the month of bonuses and promotions. I ask Him to give me a “Very strong” rating (that would translate to 3.5x of my basic salary) and would also promote me. He did last 2011…and did it again this year…2012.

Last January, I have no idea if I can keep up with the same rating this year. Also this year, late February our company announced that the whole department would be phased-out. So I realize, I must not actually look forward for the year-end evaluations but rather look for a new job! That was so unexpected.


But certainly, God’s plans may not seem normal to us. Who would have thought that I will be able to stay. How? I was transferred to a new department. Its after taking the role, I realized that my new role really suits me. Not only that its a bit lined to my profession but it also collides with my personality.


I bid goodbye with my previous department on Oct 5 and immediately worked with the new team on Oct 8. That’s how I got to stay with my current company…actually my first company to begin with.


So here comes the year-end evaluation. During the transition, I felt an assurance that I will get the same rating last year. But my confidence wavered when the evaluation time comes close. So, again I challenged God.


It turns out that God used the closing of the office and the transition process for me to get the rating I was praying for. He uses the seemingly worst situations to give way for the best!


Not only that He gave me a3.5x bonus, I also got a promotional salary increase. Of course, I must fulfill my part…his 10%. I was also able to give to the youth ministry on my local church in the province (I was praying and planning for this for a long time, at last).


Indeed, God is so faithful. Challenge Him in your finances (He never fails in this area). All the glory and honor goes to Him…our ever faithful God.


“Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.”

– Matthew 7:7

Training For Victory: The Graduation

My 10-week journey might be done but my walk with God has just got its speed boosted! Glory to God! 😉

September 20, 2012, Thursday @ the Victory Office in Makati, Philippines. We had our final test to end our 10 week discipleship training. It has been a wonderful experience for me. It was one of the best decisions I ever made in my life.

During the training, I met my Christian brothers and sisters with our wacky homeroom teacher Pastor Mike 😉 Hohohoho

I learned a lot, cried a lot, laugh a lot and most of all I got to know deeper the God I’m serving who loves and cares for me .

I received a little award 🙂

my award for finishing the test first and had the perfect score (almost of us got it perfect i just finished first, hehe)

Matthew 28:18-20

18 Then Jesus came to them and said, “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. 19 Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, 20 and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.”

(From Left) My T4V manual, certificate, class picture. Can you see me? ^v^

To God be the Glory!


     Six months ago, it hit me that I will be jobless on Oct (oh what a birthday present!). My company announced that the department I belong to will be liquidated and tasks will be transitioned to the India branch.


     I don’t know but I didn’t feel bothered but somewhere halfway, I felt anxious.

     I  started out laying my plans. What company to apply for, what salary range I wanted, what position, what skills do I have? Also, the investments I needed to make (as the company will give out separation pay). For a newbie who started the career race just short of 2 years ago, I was pretty early to be exposed in this kind of situations.


It hit me. Is this an answered prayer?


     Going back a year ago, I was asking God,  “how long will I stay with my current company?”. Actually my company is really good (It was a multinational company—a first class not to boast) It pays on time, very good benefits, very nice working environment and nice bosses (Im so lucky, you can say that) I have nothing to say against actually. But deep in my heart, I wanted to do something different. As per my age, I want to explore and travel.


      Just then I thought that God was saying me to go. I encountered an internal job post. The job description is challenging and it requires me to step-up. I wanted to apply and  my manager encouraged me to do so. And there were pretty enticing benefits that comes with it (not to say that you will be entitled to travel to Singapore).

And so, I applied.

      There was a series of interviews to foreign bosses who I used to work so I’m comfortable talking with them. My manager was constantly telling me that I got the advantage over others and I’m so thankful that she believed in me.

But then, I was not hired.


      I instead a team lead from the other department got it. Honestly, I felt bitter at first. But then I realized that I was too halfhearted also when I applied. I applied because I wanted to travel (too petty you think?) I even applied for a passport but then, I encountered problems getting my passport and failed to get it.


      Then, just when I thought I was definitely leaving. There was another internal job post (again). I tried to open it but it says something that didn’t interest me—Buss Analyst-Real Estate. “Oh, real estate, then it’s not for me”. And so, after browsing, I closed it. I know my manager was going to ask me and she did. I said I was not going to apply (Actually I’m still scared because of the first denial). Then shortly I received a message that almost gave me heart-attack (just kidding, just exaggerating). Our company director, and yes he was someone I don’t talk to often but I work with him in some occasions.


He asked me to apply because I fit the role.


       I should be happy right? Because well, it’s like saying.. ”Hey, I think you must stay with us.” To think that when I got to talk with him, this are the instance I commited mistakes (haha) And so I thought, he doesn’t have a good impression on me.


I was puzzled.


      I informed my manager what the director told me and she said. “ Told you so!” As much as she wanted me to stay, our director believed in me (more than I believe in myself). I think this not because of what I have but what my God can do.


I applied and guess what?


      After the cool video call interview (yes, my future boss is in abroad, New York to be exact) that gave me cold sweats, I received a mysterious voice mail (that’s what I call voice mails “mysterious ‘coz I rarely receive one).


      My voice mail was locked up so I just ignored it. So a week passed after  the interview, no news. I felt anxious. “So another fail it is”, I told myself.


I got the job.

      That’s what HR told me. So I was happy and at the same time nervous. They told me that my boss left me a meaage before going to a vacation. And yes!, it’s the mysterious voice mail indeed. (I got the tech people fix it for me).


So God was all the while preparing the best for me.


      So I was now preparing to take over the role on Oct after my official release with my current post. So this is the birthday present!


Have faith.


And act accordingly.


All my best,