You are a masterpiece

“God doesn’t create junk! We are His masterpiece”

I run across the video of the skit guys called “God’s Chisel” (Watch here)

I wasn’t able to held back my tears because I was convicted right at the spot. When I look on the mirror, I feel displeased. I’m telling myself “Why can’t I be as pretty as her”. Comparing myself to others over and over. It exhausted me. When I’m in a group, to make myself feel that I belong, I tell white lies to please them (remember lies has no color, it  is still a SIN, a poop is a poop irregardless of what color it is).

Today, once again I heard God telling me “I love you”. I have fallen into sin many times and disappointed God a zillion. I let Him down. But again He told me “You are not the one holding me up, in this relationship I hold you up”.

I learned that I have to chisel the dead weights in my life.

That unnecessary anger I have, Lord calm me.
That I shouldn’t look onto others but look above, how God sees me.
That I shouldn’t try to please others but to please God.
That I shouldn’t look for false romance but on God’s love for me.

I know God has pleasing plans for you and me, a bright future. All we have to do is to step up in faith and obey so we can see His pleasing and perfect will for us. Thank you Lord for reminding me once again that I am your daughter and we are Your original masterpiece.

As the Skit Guys say:

I AM God’s ORIGINAL MASTERPIECE and so were you!

Now say this with confidence:

<Insert your name> is God’s original masterpiece!

Credits: Skit Guys (visit their site and see their amazing videos:



“Anytime you can be like them but they can never be like you anymore. They are the ones lost. You have something that they can no longer have”

Its funny how I heard a conversion on the other side of my office wall. The hot topic? Maricar Reyes and Richard Poon’s wedding. And so, the guy was asking the girl. If you have a partner who has a previous sex scandal, would you still marry him or her? The guy answered his question himself saying “Me, I can’t because it will haunt me for the rest of my life especially for a girl that had it first with some other guy” The girl on the other hand said, “To me it depends, They say Maricar was so lucky with Richard, I think they are both lucky and to think the scandal happened when they were in college. Maricar has improved a lot, she became a good actress after that. And that issue died down” The guy laughed and sarcastically added “And it’s funny that it was their first kiss in the wedding, can’t imagine having a sex scandal then to be kissed for the first time?” The girl agreed.

I respect others’ opinion. We have differing views. It made me realize that only God can change a person. From being a sinner to a renewed one. “..the old is gone is a new has come, In Christ we are new creations”. Only God can change a heart of the person and forget the past and go on. Maricar and Richards story is a miracle itself. Something not everyone can understand and can be misinterpreted.

I’m also guilty of this.

To all the women, being pure is not only in the body but also emotionally. Do not invest in relationships just for fun or to go with the trend. You say, nothing happened between us anyway. Its the memory that I’m saying.The time you spent with them.

For those who tell you that you’re a virgin and you should be ashamed of it. Think about this, “Anytime you can be like them but they can never be like you anymore” They are the ones lost. You have something that they can no longer have.For the guys who asks you to do it before marriage, break up with them. If they can’t honor you now they will also not honor you in the future.

Honoring your partner can be done in many ways. Kissing is so normal nowadays so its not new. To some people or should I say most of them find it weird if you say that you had your first kiss on your wedding. Wrong mentality brought by how the world goes not how God wants it to be. Some find it corny, unusual, weird or whatever. But they can’t bring to say that they were actually amazed. That they were not able to control their feelings like that. That its not ordinary. Aren’t the things unusual in the world are usually the things that we should be doing?


It’s a battle out there but the greater battle is within us (especially when a lot of your friend are doing it and you are the only one standing)
It is also a struggle for me and I admit I can’t do it alone. We need God and the people around us.
We should surround ourselves with Godly people who we can seek for advice and pray for us and more than anything else, its our continuous communication with God that can help us make it through. Its a rough road to be pure in heart body and mind but its a paradise out there at the finish line. Take charge my brothers and sisters. It is hard I know. But the feeling of having endured it, not dissolving with how the world flows but resolving is much more fulfilling.

If you are tempted, don’t. Don’t think that regret has a cure. Be sure to stay pure.

I am not telling it only to you but also to myself as well. Be sure to stay pure.

Let’s do our best and pray for our partner and wait patently and actively. Be sure to stay pure.

Let’s honor God with our mind and body. Be sure to stay pure.

If you still aren’t sure.


“I like it when it rains and I have my umbrella with me and hate it when I don’t XD”


The rainy days have come. It’s my favorite season. Many may object but I like the rain’s smell/feel. Yes! I’m the typical girl-at-the-window-lost-in-thought-type. I enjoy the solidarity.

It calms me when I hear the raindrops. It brings me back to my high school days, “when it rains, no classes”. Are you with me? 🙂 I’m excited to watch my favorite cartoons. Nostalgic. I carried that feeling with me until now. That’s why rain is comforting (not to mention, its so nice to have a good time sleep while it rains).

I like sunny and windy days and hate storms. I love rainy days the most. It reflects my introverted personality. Cool, calm, gentle but can be hard at times, refreshing. Rain feels like the feeling after you cried.

Elders at home always tell us when we were young that “Rain is a blessing”. It is indeed.

I also like putting my headset on and listen to acoustic music and instrumentals, let me share you some of my favorites. It’s spirit-lifting and calming 😉

I feel I’m in love when it rains so I actually prefer that my future husband propose to me under the rain because I find it romantic ❤ If he’s reading this, you got it right? 🙂


“”You heavens above, rain down my righteousness; let the clouds shower it down. Let the earth open wide, let salvation spring up, let righteousness flourish with it; I, the LORD, have created it.”

-Isaiah 45:8-

“Let my teaching fall like rain and my words descend like dew, like showers on new grass, like abundant rain on tender plants.”

-Deuteronomy 32:2-








Every Nation Asia Campus Conference: Ignite 2013 is a gathering of student leaders from all over the Philippines and Asia.


This years’ Ignite was participated by 9,600 students,pastors, and young professionals. It is conducted every other year. Me and my brother attended Ignite 2011 and we were excited for this. Let me share the Ignite 2013 experience. Seven characters from the Bible will be discussed. How we find them in the campus, like us they encounter hardships and victories. Yeng Constantino, Quest, and Judah Paolo opens Ignite 2013 with powerful declarations — at Cuneta Astrodome Pasay.

Yeng Constantino, Quest, and Judah Paolo opens Ignite 2013 with powerful declarations — at Cuneta Astrodome Pasay. (photo credits: Ignite PH)

Yeng Constantino, Quest, and Judah Paolo opens Ignite 2013 with powerful declarations — at Cuneta Astrodome Pasay. (photo credits: Ignite PH)

DAY 1: Life of Joshua (To listen to the podcast) Image Ignite 2013 quote Olajide Pariola                     One of the takeaways in the conference that I won’t forget is the “Naruto” analogy. Yes, you heard me right! Naruto is in Ignite, haha. So going back, Naruto is a famous manga character who is a young ninja and a powerful nine-tailed fox. He always use his Kage bunshin no jutsu technique which let’s him replicate himself in multiples but he doesn’t know that there is a greater power within him- the cap of nine tails. Just like Naruto, we all have a greater power within us, a greater love that is Jesus. Pastor Jide warned us not to commit the same mistake as Naruto who uses one technique but rather let us fan the flame within us and let it IGNITE our lives and share the flame to others.

Naruto analogy @Ignite 2013: There is a greater power within us

Naruto analogy @Ignite 2013: There is a greater power within us

Another point would be F.O.C.U.S.. We need to set our eyes on Jesus so we will see great wonders happening in our lives.

FOCUS (Concentrate and Consecrate)

FOCUS (Concentrate and Consecrate)

DAY 1 was awesome! I wanted also to thank the gentlemen who offered their seats too us. You guys are truly man of God! 😀 Thank you and God bless. Looking forward for Day 2 & 3! D3 Represent! CLSU Represent!

Me at the IGNITE 2013 photo booth

Me at the IGNITE 2013 photo booth

Me and Desiree (my college junior)

Me and Desiree (my college junior)

IGNITE 2013 Playlist: [youtube

My Kids’ Ministry Experience: What kids taught me

Its life changing.

I joined the ministry on December 2012 and have been with the toddlers’ (0-3 years’ old) team. I thought it was an easy task and told myself “I’ll just play with them”. I’m so wrong. It’s a difficult task. Yes, its hard but at the same time rewarding.

Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.”

-Matthew 19:14 (NIV)

As a teacher, I thought I can teach them but I found myself taught by them.

One Sunday I feel so down. There was a boy around 3 yrs old, I asked him if he wanted to play and said yes. While playing with him, I learned that he undergone an operation as he pointed on his head with stitches. I asked him if it hurts and he said yes but he still played anyway. He acted like a big brother to other kids and was so mature. He smiled and played happily. I thought “How strong a child can be?” With so small things, I crunch. God reminded me that He is stronger over our troubles and its amazing and at the same time comforting to know how great our Father really is.

There’s a cute story I heard from other teachers in the Kids church that happened during the Vacation Bible School (VBS). They were doing an activity and child 1 bump with child 2. Child 1 said “I’m sorry” and Child 2 replied, “It’s ok…I still love you!”. How adorable is that! If those were adults, there must be a ramble going on!

Sometimes when we were hurt, we put on a grudge. Adults forgive but seldom forget. How great if we could be like that. “It’s ok”- as we forget and”I still love you”- as we reassure them that we still care and love them no matter what.

As we strive to be Christ-like, we don’t have to look up but rather look down to the little ones who are living examples too. It’s such a humbling experience and a great opportunity to encounter God through the eyes of every child.

Their greatest charisma:

  1. They trust genuinely
  2. They forgive and forget
  3. They quickly say sorry
  4. They show appreciation

I hope everyone of us can learn from them. 🙂

And he said: “Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.

-Matthew 18:3 (NIV)

Kids' church teachers (me at the back, middle)

Kids’ church teachers (me at the back, middle)

Production Ministry

Expressing Arts to Honor God


I have recently been enjoying my Production ministry experience at Victory Makati.

Even though I only have joined 2 projects so far: Vacation Bible School (VBS) for children and recently the Mothers’ Day project. It was a refreshing and fulfilling feeling to use my hands and ideas to honor God.




It’s fun working with the humorous and bright prod members.”Every job is a self-portrait of the person who does it. Autograph your work with excellence!”-GLDV

Our finished product, mission accomplished! Hope it will cheer up the moms and their kids 😀 Thank you Lord!



Wonder Mom in 3D


Meet the Production Team members:


(From left–Niel, me (at pink), Rhen and Kuya SJ)


GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERAGEDSC DIGITAL CAMERA417920_4782291920771_642042904_n

“To love what you do and feel that it matters—how could anything be more fun?”-GLDV 😀

I pray we’ll have more of this opportunity to help and use God’s investment in us and spread more of those smiles 😉

To GOD be the glory!

Destined to be mine :)

At last I was able to get my 2013 journal!
cbtl journal_2013

I was torn between the decision of buying a journal and completing the stamps on my Coffee Bean card. I have to complete all 12 stamps until Jan 6, 2013. As of Jan 4, I have 7 stamps so I’m halfway there. So If I have to complete it I will spend at least 600 pesos. So that’s what made me think, buying is a better choice. But when I tried to look on the bookstore, the one’s that I like ranges from 500-700 pesos. Oh! So expensive, I thought. So I gave up on both idea.

Jan 5, the day before the deadline, my mother and I went to Coffee Bean and bought 2 drinks without the intention of competing the stamps I did hand the stamp card though. I was shocked when the cashier handed the card to me. He gave me 4 stamps for 2 drinks! It multiplied! I don’t know if it’s a promo or something. I don’t even had the courage to ask because he might get it back! XD So on the day of the deadline, I bought the last drink and that’s how I get it. I just spent 430 pesos plus I get 3 drinks ~

By the way, that I week asked God to direct me on the right decision and He really did! (prayer is amazing) So to my journal: you’re destined to be mine!