“I like it when it rains and I have my umbrella with me and hate it when I don’t XD”   The rainy days have come. It’s my favorite season. Many may object but I like the rain’s smell/feel. Yes! I’m the typical girl-at-the-window-lost-in-thought-type. I enjoy the solidarity. It calms me when I hear the raindrops. […]


1st TRIP: Singapore, here we come!

Manila, Philippines.December 20, 2012. 9PM at Ninoy Aquino International Airport. It was my first trip outside the country. My first stamp on my passport (I got my passport last August only XD) and definitely the first but not the last airplane ride. I was anxiously excited about  the trip. I actually brought with me new […]

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KCC Graduation

Manila Philippines- December 15, 2012. 2PM at the Korean Cultural Center. Who would have thought? Many can’t believe that I actually enrolled for this and now what’s more shocking is I made it through XD. It’s D-day- our recital.Ate Ncar (right), me (left). At the hall preparing for our dance. After 3 months of Saturday […]

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