“I like it when it rains and I have my umbrella with me and hate it when I don’t XD”


The rainy days have come. It’s my favorite season. Many may object but I like the rain’s smell/feel. Yes! I’m the typical girl-at-the-window-lost-in-thought-type. I enjoy the solidarity.

It calms me when I hear the raindrops. It brings me back to my high school days, “when it rains, no classes”. Are you with me? 🙂 I’m excited to watch my favorite cartoons. Nostalgic. I carried that feeling with me until now. That’s why rain is comforting (not to mention, its so nice to have a good time sleep while it rains).

I like sunny and windy days and hate storms. I love rainy days the most. It reflects my introverted personality. Cool, calm, gentle but can be hard at times, refreshing. Rain feels like the feeling after you cried.

Elders at home always tell us when we were young that “Rain is a blessing”. It is indeed.

I also like putting my headset on and listen to acoustic music and instrumentals, let me share you some of my favorites. It’s spirit-lifting and calming 😉

I feel I’m in love when it rains so I actually prefer that my future husband propose to me under the rain because I find it romantic ❤ If he’s reading this, you got it right? 🙂


“”You heavens above, rain down my righteousness; let the clouds shower it down. Let the earth open wide, let salvation spring up, let righteousness flourish with it; I, the LORD, have created it.”

-Isaiah 45:8-

“Let my teaching fall like rain and my words descend like dew, like showers on new grass, like abundant rain on tender plants.”

-Deuteronomy 32:2-








1st TRIP: Singapore, here we come!

Manila, Philippines.December 20, 2012. 9PM at Ninoy Aquino International Airport.

It was my first trip outside the country. My first stamp on my passport (I got my passport last August only XD) and definitely the first but not the last airplane ride.

I was anxiously excited about  the trip. I actually brought with me new set of clothes (all). And so, its D-day.

GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERAate ncar and me at the airport

We exchanged our peso to Singapore dollars. Paid the airport tax of P1,620. It was really a smooth 3 hour flight with Cebu Pacific.

GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERAWe watched a movie and alas! we arrived @ Changi Aiport Singapore at 12:30AM, Dec 21. Changi was the only airport in Singapore and it was so nice and has a professional comfy feel.

We rode a taxi to go to the apartment at Dakota Crescent where our college batchmates who were working in Singapore are residing.

We unpacked our luggages and prepared to sleep as we need energy for tomorrows appointment: SENTOSA 🙂

Here’s the detailed blog per day:

Departure to Singapore: Airport

DAY 1: Sentosa

DAY2: Marina Bay Sands & Gardens by the Bay

DAY3: Universal Studios

DAY4: Botanic Gardens, Lucky Plaza & Hawker Place

DAY5: Swimming @ Eternal Gardens Condo

DAY6: Siloso Beach, Chinatown, Esplanade theaters, Merlion

Departure to Philippines: Airport

KCC Graduation

Manila Philippines- December 15, 2012. 2PM at the Korean Cultural Center. Who would have thought?

Many can’t believe that I actually enrolled for this and now what’s more shocking is I made it through XD. It’s D-day- our recital.GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERAAte Ncar (right), me (left). At the hall preparing for our dance.

After 3 months of Saturday classes, we are going to perform 2 Korean traditional dances (scarf dance and the fan dance called buchaechum). It looks easy when you watch it but actually, its a bit hard especially the coordination. Our teacher is Korean, seonseng-nim Jo. She’s funny and cute. She makes hard steps seem easier. Overall the experience was so refreshing.

Here’s our performance (me at the center^^):

GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERA me and teacher Jo. I gave her my sketch of her ^^

GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERAme with classmates. (pretty clothes…XD)

Kamshamnida neorobun! ^^

Ha! Another check on my little books list.elaine


This week has been a movie/drama marathon gig for me:



 (details of the event available @ http://www.facebook.com/KoreanCulturalCenterPH)

It started when I attended the Korean Film Festival last weekend @ SM megamall (by the way this is free admission, and it was jam-packed! >.< It even exceeded the capacity of the cinema )



So here’s it is…




Fireproof (Western Movie)- best definition of L♥VE!

Facing the Giants (watched this for the nth time whether alone or with someone…still crying T-T)

Forrest Gump (watched it 3x already)

Leap Year (this is a love story and my brother is really addicted to it…I wonder if he can relate??? *face palms*)

Late Blossom (Korean movie)

Highway Star (Korean movie)

Heartbeat Love (Taiwanese movie)

Virgin Snow (Korean-Japanese movie)





Dream High 1 (took me 6 months to recover) –awesome

Queen In Hyun’s Man (3 months recovery) –magical and page turner

Answer me 1997 (on going… LOL) –*no comment*—lol no words can describe how wonderful it is! It’s …more than perfect!!!!



Kpop Ultimate Survival (cool)

Ma Boy (cute)



Dear reader,

This post is still to be updated, i just wanted to tell the world on time that’s why I posted it ;)) I’ll update more. I hope you’re in the loop!



“Ok, so a lot of us have an expression that petite girls don’t need a diet.

I think so too until I myself have to.”


It was when I had the free executive check-up in St. Lukes (Who would agree that I really have to thank my company for it? I didn’t pay a penny! haha  . Who would dare to have it if it’s not free to think that I’m young and believe me it was EXPENSIVE!

OK, so I entered the Nutrition Counseling room. The dietician interrogated me. She asked me what I had for breakfast, lunch and dinner the day before.

Elaine’s conscience: Oh no! I skipped lunch and I drank coffee (**doomed**) 

To cut the story short, it was concluded that I have to undergo “Low fat, High fiber diet and hypoallergenic as well”. I need to intake 1300 calories/day to maintain my physique. Then the dietician gave me a diet matrix.

I really learned a lot from it:

@2 slice of bread = 1 cup of rice really? So when I eat 4 slices it is as if I ate 2 cups of rice!!!

@tofu, tuna and corned beef are medium fat meat– what?! I really thought those are in the low fat section

@ I must eat vegetablesOh, it’s not a surprise

There was this amazing machine like a weighing scale with dumbbells on both sides wired on it. The dietician asks me to stand on it and hold the dumbbells on my side. She said it will determine what my body is composed of and I nodded in amusement.

Ok the conclusion is….drummm rolls…I’m composed mostly of muscles and water! At least it was not fats. Haha.I had a great time chatting with the dietician. I have to thank her. Great job Ms. France! (don’t remember her full name, I think I need to eat memory boosters too, haha).


Btw, you’ll not be bored when you’re in St. Lukes Health & Wellness Center. They got it all for you! They have free food, WiFi, if you don’t have hand phones, there are computers, comfortable couches (I actually fell asleep there), magazines, and newspapers and of course new acquaintances. Great experience there.