You are a masterpiece

“God doesn’t create junk! We are His masterpiece”

I run across the video of the skit guys called “God’s Chisel” (Watch here)

I wasn’t able to held back my tears because I was convicted right at the spot. When I look on the mirror, I feel displeased. I’m telling myself “Why can’t I be as pretty as her”. Comparing myself to others over and over. It exhausted me. When I’m in a group, to make myself feel that I belong, I tell white lies to please them (remember lies has no color, it  is still a SIN, a poop is a poop irregardless of what color it is).

Today, once again I heard God telling me “I love you”. I have fallen into sin many times and disappointed God a zillion. I let Him down. But again He told me “You are not the one holding me up, in this relationship I hold you up”.

I learned that I have to chisel the dead weights in my life.

That unnecessary anger I have, Lord calm me.
That I shouldn’t look onto others but look above, how God sees me.
That I shouldn’t try to please others but to please God.
That I shouldn’t look for false romance but on God’s love for me.

I know God has pleasing plans for you and me, a bright future. All we have to do is to step up in faith and obey so we can see His pleasing and perfect will for us. Thank you Lord for reminding me once again that I am your daughter and we are Your original masterpiece.

As the Skit Guys say:

I AM God’s ORIGINAL MASTERPIECE and so were you!

Now say this with confidence:

<Insert your name> is God’s original masterpiece!

Credits: Skit Guys (visit their site and see their amazing videos:


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