“Anytime you can be like them but they can never be like you anymore. They are the ones lost. You have something that they can no longer have”

Its funny how I heard a conversion on the other side of my office wall. The hot topic? Maricar Reyes and Richard Poon’s wedding. And so, the guy was asking the girl. If you have a partner who has a previous sex scandal, would you still marry him or her? The guy answered his question himself saying “Me, I can’t because it will haunt me for the rest of my life especially for a girl that had it first with some other guy” The girl on the other hand said, “To me it depends, They say Maricar was so lucky with Richard, I think they are both lucky and to think the scandal happened when they were in college. Maricar has improved a lot, she became a good actress after that. And that issue died down” The guy laughed and sarcastically added “And it’s funny that it was their first kiss in the wedding, can’t imagine having a sex scandal then to be kissed for the first time?” The girl agreed.

I respect others’ opinion. We have differing views. It made me realize that only God can change a person. From being a sinner to a renewed one. “..the old is gone is a new has come, In Christ we are new creations”. Only God can change a heart of the person and forget the past and go on. Maricar and Richards story is a miracle itself. Something not everyone can understand and can be misinterpreted.

I’m also guilty of this.

To all the women, being pure is not only in the body but also emotionally. Do not invest in relationships just for fun or to go with the trend. You say, nothing happened between us anyway. Its the memory that I’m saying.The time you spent with them.

For those who tell you that you’re a virgin and you should be ashamed of it. Think about this, “Anytime you can be like them but they can never be like you anymore” They are the ones lost. You have something that they can no longer have.For the guys who asks you to do it before marriage, break up with them. If they can’t honor you now they will also not honor you in the future.

Honoring your partner can be done in many ways. Kissing is so normal nowadays so its not new. To some people or should I say most of them find it weird if you say that you had your first kiss on your wedding. Wrong mentality brought by how the world goes not how God wants it to be. Some find it corny, unusual, weird or whatever. But they can’t bring to say that they were actually amazed. That they were not able to control their feelings like that. That its not ordinary. Aren’t the things unusual in the world are usually the things that we should be doing?


It’s a battle out there but the greater battle is within us (especially when a lot of your friend are doing it and you are the only one standing)
It is also a struggle for me and I admit I can’t do it alone. We need God and the people around us.
We should surround ourselves with Godly people who we can seek for advice and pray for us and more than anything else, its our continuous communication with God that can help us make it through. Its a rough road to be pure in heart body and mind but its a paradise out there at the finish line. Take charge my brothers and sisters. It is hard I know. But the feeling of having endured it, not dissolving with how the world flows but resolving is much more fulfilling.

If you are tempted, don’t. Don’t think that regret has a cure. Be sure to stay pure.

I am not telling it only to you but also to myself as well. Be sure to stay pure.

Let’s do our best and pray for our partner and wait patently and actively. Be sure to stay pure.

Let’s honor God with our mind and body. Be sure to stay pure.

If you still aren’t sure.


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