Destined to be mine :)

At last I was able to get my 2013 journal!
cbtl journal_2013

I was torn between the decision of buying a journal and completing the stamps on my Coffee Bean card. I have to complete all 12 stamps until Jan 6, 2013. As of Jan 4, I have 7 stamps so I’m halfway there. So If I have to complete it I will spend at least 600 pesos. So that’s what made me think, buying is a better choice. But when I tried to look on the bookstore, the one’s that I like ranges from 500-700 pesos. Oh! So expensive, I thought. So I gave up on both idea.

Jan 5, the day before the deadline, my mother and I went to Coffee Bean and bought 2 drinks without the intention of competing the stamps I did hand the stamp card though. I was shocked when the cashier handed the card to me. He gave me 4 stamps for 2 drinks! It multiplied! I don’t know if it’s a promo or something. I don’t even had the courage to ask because he might get it back! XD So on the day of the deadline, I bought the last drink and that’s how I get it. I just spent 430 pesos plus I get 3 drinks ~

By the way, that I week asked God to direct me on the right decision and He really did! (prayer is amazing) So to my journal: you’re destined to be mine!


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