KCC Graduation

Manila Philippines- December 15, 2012. 2PM at the Korean Cultural Center. Who would have thought?

Many can’t believe that I actually enrolled for this and now what’s more shocking is I made it through XD. It’s D-day- our recital.GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERAAte Ncar (right), me (left). At the hall preparing for our dance.

After 3 months of Saturday classes, we are going to perform 2 Korean traditional dances (scarf dance and the fan dance called buchaechum). It looks easy when you watch it but actually, its a bit hard especially the coordination. Our teacher is Korean, seonseng-nim Jo. She’s funny and cute. She makes hard steps seem easier. Overall the experience was so refreshing.

Here’s our performance (me at the center^^):

GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERA me and teacher Jo. I gave her my sketch of her ^^

GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERAme with classmates. (pretty clothes…XD)

Kamshamnida neorobun! ^^

Ha! Another check on my little books list.elaine


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