This week has been a movie/drama marathon gig for me:



 (details of the event available @ http://www.facebook.com/KoreanCulturalCenterPH)

It started when I attended the Korean Film Festival last weekend @ SM megamall (by the way this is free admission, and it was jam-packed! >.< It even exceeded the capacity of the cinema )



So here’s it is…




Fireproof (Western Movie)- best definition of L♥VE!

Facing the Giants (watched this for the nth time whether alone or with someone…still crying T-T)

Forrest Gump (watched it 3x already)

Leap Year (this is a love story and my brother is really addicted to it…I wonder if he can relate??? *face palms*)

Late Blossom (Korean movie)

Highway Star (Korean movie)

Heartbeat Love (Taiwanese movie)

Virgin Snow (Korean-Japanese movie)





Dream High 1 (took me 6 months to recover) –awesome

Queen In Hyun’s Man (3 months recovery) –magical and page turner

Answer me 1997 (on going… LOL) –*no comment*—lol no words can describe how wonderful it is! It’s …more than perfect!!!!



Kpop Ultimate Survival (cool)

Ma Boy (cute)



Dear reader,

This post is still to be updated, i just wanted to tell the world on time that’s why I posted it ;)) I’ll update more. I hope you’re in the loop!



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