“Everytime I go home..there are notable anecdotes over the dining table and the kitchen with my mom and brother. It was hilarious that I can’t help but laugh when I recount it XD”



Me with my brother Joshua and mama eating lunch (Fried chicken with gravy)


Elaine: Delicious! Parang Jolibee 😉

Joshua: ….silent… (busy eating) XD

Mama: (randomly) Huwag kayo magalala anak, kapag nanalo ako sa lotto, mas masarap na pagkain kakainin natin.


Elaine: Oh, bakit mama, tumaya ka?


Mama: Hindi (^_^’)




Elaine & Joshua: (-_-‘)




Me, Joshua & Mama in the kitchen


Joshua: Ate*, tulungan mo ako sa research paper ko ha

Elaine: Sure…basta pagbutihin mo pag-aaral mo

Joshua: Mahirap iyon ate (T___T)

Elaine: Saan mo gusto pumunta kapag naging cum laude ka? Kahit outside the country pupunta tayo, ok lang sa akin =)


Joshua: Ate (serious) Huwag mo ako dalhin kahit saan!..LOL





Me & Mama: Toinks! (-_-‘)


“Don’t miss the chance to dine with your family, it’s fun believe me 😉



(to be continued)




*Ate=older sister (for those who are reading this and wanted to google translate it)


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