Six months ago, it hit me that I will be jobless on Oct (oh what a birthday present!). My company announced that the department I belong to will be liquidated and tasks will be transitioned to the India branch.


     I don’t know but I didn’t feel bothered but somewhere halfway, I felt anxious.

     I  started out laying my plans. What company to apply for, what salary range I wanted, what position, what skills do I have? Also, the investments I needed to make (as the company will give out separation pay). For a newbie who started the career race just short of 2 years ago, I was pretty early to be exposed in this kind of situations.


It hit me. Is this an answered prayer?


     Going back a year ago, I was asking God,  “how long will I stay with my current company?”. Actually my company is really good (It was a multinational company—a first class not to boast) It pays on time, very good benefits, very nice working environment and nice bosses (Im so lucky, you can say that) I have nothing to say against actually. But deep in my heart, I wanted to do something different. As per my age, I want to explore and travel.


      Just then I thought that God was saying me to go. I encountered an internal job post. The job description is challenging and it requires me to step-up. I wanted to apply and  my manager encouraged me to do so. And there were pretty enticing benefits that comes with it (not to say that you will be entitled to travel to Singapore).

And so, I applied.

      There was a series of interviews to foreign bosses who I used to work so I’m comfortable talking with them. My manager was constantly telling me that I got the advantage over others and I’m so thankful that she believed in me.

But then, I was not hired.


      I instead a team lead from the other department got it. Honestly, I felt bitter at first. But then I realized that I was too halfhearted also when I applied. I applied because I wanted to travel (too petty you think?) I even applied for a passport but then, I encountered problems getting my passport and failed to get it.


      Then, just when I thought I was definitely leaving. There was another internal job post (again). I tried to open it but it says something that didn’t interest me—Buss Analyst-Real Estate. “Oh, real estate, then it’s not for me”. And so, after browsing, I closed it. I know my manager was going to ask me and she did. I said I was not going to apply (Actually I’m still scared because of the first denial). Then shortly I received a message that almost gave me heart-attack (just kidding, just exaggerating). Our company director, and yes he was someone I don’t talk to often but I work with him in some occasions.


He asked me to apply because I fit the role.


       I should be happy right? Because well, it’s like saying.. ”Hey, I think you must stay with us.” To think that when I got to talk with him, this are the instance I commited mistakes (haha) And so I thought, he doesn’t have a good impression on me.


I was puzzled.


      I informed my manager what the director told me and she said. “ Told you so!” As much as she wanted me to stay, our director believed in me (more than I believe in myself). I think this not because of what I have but what my God can do.


I applied and guess what?


      After the cool video call interview (yes, my future boss is in abroad, New York to be exact) that gave me cold sweats, I received a mysterious voice mail (that’s what I call voice mails “mysterious ‘coz I rarely receive one).


      My voice mail was locked up so I just ignored it. So a week passed after  the interview, no news. I felt anxious. “So another fail it is”, I told myself.


I got the job.

      That’s what HR told me. So I was happy and at the same time nervous. They told me that my boss left me a meaage before going to a vacation. And yes!, it’s the mysterious voice mail indeed. (I got the tech people fix it for me).


So God was all the while preparing the best for me.


      So I was now preparing to take over the role on Oct after my official release with my current post. So this is the birthday present!


Have faith.


And act accordingly.


All my best,



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