Missing the pen warriors

“It has been 2 years and 2 months since I graduated from college. And I really miss the cramming feeling in the publication. It has been my second home…CBAA Link.”

Writing has been my passion since high school but most of all I love the people around me…my staff. I was humbled to have the opportunity to work with them and learn from them. You guys ROCK!

@ate Erika:My beloved EIC, I got the skills of leading the publication from you. From lay-outing, proofreading, even erratum to budgeting. LOL (I miss your random stories on Prince of Tennis)

@Pitut:I miss you sis! You’ve been one of my greatest confidants in the publication. I’m also a fan of yours. I miss reading your editorials.

@Julie: You’re really one of my best buds when it comes to writing! Actually if someone wants a humorous well written and informative article, I’ll refer you.

@JohnC: One of the most dedicated staff writer I ever met. I remember the graduation issue when we have to survive doing it even if my graduation rites are going on. You didn’t even budge and I didn’t show me a hint of exhaustion…what a dedication!

@ Sam: My little sister who’s very enthusiastic and passionate for writing. Even the best mentor in the University praises her for her talent. I’m really proud of you. I missed hanging out with you.

@Thelma: One of the best writer-leader I ever had. You rarely submit your article late and very dependable when I hand out tasks.

@Ianfer: double Brod in profession and in writing…very talented and creative…do you remember we pulled out the “all-night” lay-outing job? Hope you will also continue your passion for drawing.

@Hanna: the muse turned writer, I miss you calling me ate =)) Very dedicated, I miss your essays.

@Joe: One of the wittiest of the staff members. He really enjoys doing field work and gets into the “feel” on the article that he send out viral energy. I really miss your random comments. LOL

@Raf2: I miss your Japanese story (we only got 2 chaps there) and your videos too.

@Zadie: I’m so proud of you, you’re one of Link’s pride. Hope you will continue writing. God will bless the works of your hand.

@Angel:writer and president in one. I enjoyed being your colleague, you one of the greatest factors why Link is worth missing. You are one of the persons who see through me and who trusted my abilities me myself can’t.

@Reggie:One of my trusted writers. Together with Joe and Hannah, you showed your passion and thirst for a good news. II really enjoyed your company =)

@Cyrus:The best poll writer. Whatever survey I gave him, he surpasses my expectations. Keep it up and don’t lose the passion.

@Werlo:what can I say? I have been with him since high school and I can prove that his writing ability is PRO.

@Cer Lem: You’re one of the best. Do you remember shopping items for our own publication? That time I learned from you how to prioritize the TRUE priorities. I have to thank you for that.

@Angie: I can say that CBAA Link has the best cartoonist having you in our circle. You also proved me that writing is an art in your feature articles. I really miss your wacky cartoons.

@Kuya Ronald: He’s really a great adviser. I feel  pressured but I admit, he really knows how to bring out the best in you. =) Thanks a lot for believing in us.


Who wouldn’t miss the publication if you have the amazing people above? God showed me how wonderful He is through this people.


To all the current staff writers,


Do your best! Enjoy writing and bond stronger. The memories you’ll have in the publication will turn into one of your most treasured.




Hope to see you in CLSU on 9.14.2012


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