Frustrated Dancer

I like watching people swaggin and dancing to their heart’s content. I really like to see people performing and clap for them. But there is something I really wanted to see. I want to see the view of the audience from the stage…I like to dance.


But there is the major problem. My mind can but my body can’t. (I’m not crippled or something..I just…can’t)

Elaine’s conscience: But. This is not the end of the world you know..

Recently, just recently…I read the newspaper and come across this interesting article. It’s about a Korean Dance Lesson. You know the Korean wave? —Korean entertainment industry making it to the world like a virus infecting people of all ages and gender. I admit it, I am a FAN.

So to put it simply, I hit 3 birds in one stone…I am a Korean Fan, I like to dance and dancing is a form of exercise which I need.  Awesome,.. right?


So the next questions are where is it located, when is the schedule, how much is the fee?

I was so excited that I searched it, the institution is called Korean Cultural Center located at 32nd St, Taguig Global City just 5-minute walk from St. Lukes Global City. And ola! Can you imagine how much is the fee? Drummmm rolllsss… its 500 Php!!! For the whole semester!!!—meaning for 3 months.


Elaine’s conscience: What? P500  for the whole 3 months? And not only that you have free access on their library which has a lot of books, air-conditioned, WiFi.. It’s like I also have a Korean Culture class for free!!!!


Are you interested too? Me? Of course I’m creepily excited! In God’s will, I’ll enroll. =)) Thank you Lord in advance for the provision!


Here’s the link to KCC’s website if you want more info:

See you there! 😉


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