You and Your Lists

I was browsing Facebook and one of my friends shared this. It struck me simply because I was exactly the same as described. To all God’s princesses, “You and Your List” was a good read. It made me realize that God has set apart someone for us (the best). He might not exactly be the […]

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Don’t assume!

Last week I wrote an article for Act Like A Man called, “How Not To Be A Jerk!!!” (Thanks Pastor Dennis for the catchy title :p) I was surprised at the response it generated so I decided to write a follow up. This time, it’s for the ladies! 😀 Okay, so we often hear the…

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You are a masterpiece

“God doesn’t create junk! We are His masterpiece” I run across the video of the skit guys called “God’s Chisel” (Watch here) I wasn’t able to held back my tears because I was convicted right at the spot. When I look on the mirror, I feel displeased. I’m telling myself “Why can’t I be as […]

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“I’m confused.”

Recently, I have received a few messages asking similar questions, so I have decided to write this in the hopes of answering them all at once 🙂 ha! The questions have  looked like these: What if you don’t assume but you meet this guy na kahit wala namang ginagawa e… I don’t know… I really…

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“Anytime you can be like them but they can never be like you anymore. They are the ones lost. You have something that they can no longer have” Its funny how I heard a conversion on the other side of my office wall. The hot topic? Maricar Reyes and Richard Poon’s wedding. And so, the […]

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